Eclectic Belly Dance
Photo credit: The Dancer's Eye 2011
Bastet is known throughout the United States
for her dynamic, double fan dances - a whole-
body, whirling fan technique she began
developing over 9 years ago - that emphasizes
3-dimensional layering of bellydance
movements and fan technique, and making her
a much sought-after instructor.  Bastet’s style is
eclectic, drawing from Cabaret, Raqs Sharqi,
Khaleegy, Saiidi, American and Improvisational
Tribal Style (ATS and ITS), as well as modern
Chinese dance and m
odern breakdance.  
Bastet is the principal designer and costumer
Vintage Jigsaw Designs, specializing in belly
dance costumes created from a blend of vintage
and new materials inspired by 19th-21st
century aesthetic
.  Vintage Jigsaw prides itself
on providing beautiful, handmade costuming
for every style of dance and every BODY.   

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