Classes and Workshops

Online Fan Class!*

You can learn the essentials, or brush
up on, Bastet's signature double fan
dancing.  This first video is Level I
instruction and includes: a warm-up,
basic fan technique, Level I Layers
(with Arabic Hip Twist, Barrel Turn,
Grapevine, Maya, and Taxeem),
Raver Fan (Fan 8's) to prep for Level
II Layers, a Level I combination, and
cool down.  

*Instructional videos are separated into several
private YouTube videos.  Please provide your
YouTube username in the notes section of the
Paypal payment in order to gain access to online
videos.  It may take 48 hrs to gain access to
online videos.

Cost: 20 USD
Would you like to host Bastet
for a workshop in your area?  
Here's how!
Need Fans?

Individuals available for $75/hr
Bastet's private studio or via
Skype.  Private troupe/small
group lessons also available.  
Please contact Bastet at or
706-338-7149 for scheduling
and/or pricing.  
Photo: The Dancer's Eye