My Mission
My dream is to create affordable, "couture" bellydance costumes for
women of all sizes and shapes; from A-cups or less to K-cups!  As a
fashion designer, I can manipulate fabrics, metal, shell, glass, and bone to
conform to your body type.  No woman is the same, and neither should
their costumes.  
To bring you these creations affordably, I blend both new and
high-quality recycled materials.  The inspiration for an entire costume or
limited line of costumes may come from a single brooch, a bag of broken
jewelry, or an applique from an old costume!  Many of my designs will
incorporate both tribal and cabaret influences either in materials or
design.  If you are looking for something unique--you've come to the right
Custom orders are taken very seriously.  Each of my costumes is, to me,
a piece of art.  Any person(s) wishing to contract custom work will have
my utmost attention and I will work very hard to create something you
will love forever.  Because each costume is artwork, I do reserve the
right to make changes to a product if it serves to make the costume more
beautiful and compositionally balanced.   The client will receive pictures
regularly to receive input and suggestions about their desires.
Each custom order will come with an initial estimate, of which the client
is expected to pay 50% to fund production, and 50% after completion.
Vintage Jigsaw Designs
Belly dance celebrates the beauty of the
body and the emotional connection we
have to music.  I celebrate these aspects
by creating professional-grade costumes
for every belly dance style and every
body type.

These pictures are only a taste of the
elegance and individuality that my
costumes have to offer.
Click here to visit my Etsy site for current ready-to-wear costumes!
Photos above in order from left top to right bottom: Amel Tafsout (photo by The Dancer's Eye 2012, Bastet (photo by Scott
Bilby 2009)
, Morgan (photo by Navindran 2011), Bastet (photo by Bilbytron 2009), Lauren Purdin, Inez (photo by Bastet),
Lauren Purdin, Jessica (photo by Bastet), April Rose (photo by Raw Arts Studio)
, Christina (photo by Rip Williams 2009),
Amirah (photo by Jennifer Franklin)
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Spreadsheet Template for Schedule C
As I prepare my taxes, it occurred to me that others might benefit from the
Excel spreadsheet I developed to help organize sales and workshops, and
filling in the Schedule C tax form for small businesses. There are 3
worksheets in the workbook: Raw Data (itemization with description),
Schedule C line items (fills in automatically from Raw Data), and Notes.
*Bethany Bastet Theiling, nor Vintage Jigsaw, assumes responsibility for any error resulting
from use of the Schedule C Excel Spreadsheet template.