Eclectic Belly Dance
Bastet is known throughout the
United States for her dynamic,
double fan dances - a whole-body,
whirling fan technique she began
developing over 9 years ago
, making
her a much sought-after instructor.  
Bastet’s style is eclectic, drawing from
Cabaret, Raqs Sharqi, Khaleegy,
Saiidi, American and Improvisational
Tribal Style (ATS and ITS), as well as
modern Chinese dance and modern
Bastet is the principal designer and costumer for Vintage Jigsaw Designs, specializing in belly dance costumes created from a blend of
vintage and new materials inspired by 19th-21st century aesthetic.  
Vintage Jigsaw prides itself on providing beautiful, handmade costuming
for every style of dance and every BODY.   
Photo: Process of Illumination: Photography by Minie